Before I had any right to dismiss Twihards or criticize the psychologically unhealthy relationship model that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen present, I felt obliged to read the books. So I did. All four novels, one novella, and an incomplete document in portable format. The content lived down to my expectations, but I was unprepared for how poorly crafted the saga is. Contact:

27th June 2012

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Hilmar asked (via email): Why do you call in the blog your boyfriend “boyfriend”? Doesn’t he want to be namely mentioned, or is it because you don’t want any disturbance because if you break up and if you have to mention your new boyfriend namely, it would probably cause unwanted reactions from your readers?

It’s just a functional name. I still get messages addressed to “Whomever You Are,” from readers who don’t know my name, so I use “Boyfriend” to identify him. As a bonus, it helps distinguish him from a character. This way unfamiliar readers won’t wonder, “Which one is Chris? Is he a vampire or a werewolf?”

In case you just missed it, my boyfriend’s name is Chris.

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