Before I had any right to dismiss Twihards or criticize the psychologically unhealthy relationship model that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen present, I felt obliged to read the books. So I did. All four novels, one novella, and an incomplete document in portable format. The content lived down to my expectations, but I was unprepared for how poorly crafted the saga is. Contact:

27th April 2012

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Tagged: Duh.I don't have to eat this book to gag on it.Is this unusual?Our little girl is growing up.[song title redacted]synesthesiathanks for clearing that up

16th March 2012

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Tagged: thanks for clearing that upDuh.Interrupting Cow-mooo!For the love of all that sparkles stop interrupting yourself.Edward's Away Message

3rd February 2012

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Tagged: I'm so happy to be abnormal.It's okay for receptionists and maids to know.thanks for clearing that upthe italicized humansAre there human people unlike you and Charlie?

11th October 2011

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Flirty Fishing Comic [WARNING: Sexually Explicit]

Flirty Fishing Comic [WARNING: Sexually Explicit]

Tagged: Flirty FishingI think she wants Bella to put on Edward's cloak.''Demetri'' ''Nice fishing'' BEST CONVERSATION EVARThe Gorton's Fisherman gets sexy update.thanks for clearing that up

12th September 2011

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Tagged: ''...yet Emmett could never be compared to a gazelle.''Are we playing Guess Who?thanks for clearing that upI find your ideas interesting and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

28th August 2011

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Tagged: Something blows, that's for sure.thanks for clearing that upmelodramatic meteorology

17th August 2011

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Tagged: It's like emails from your mom that include her first and last name, as though you wouldn't know who ''Mom'' is.When I'm not fair, it's because I'm busy being fun.As opposed to...?I'm typing on my electronic laptop.Would you say Forks High School was full of human students?thanks for clearing that upunnecessarily specific

23rd July 2011

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Background on the background

Background on the background

Tagged: When Meyer weaves her tales, we get doilies.Memories light the corners of my mind misty water-color memories ...thanks for clearing that up

25th March 2011

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Tagged: if it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife… AND you’re in a *knife factory*xDo not toss around terms like bocce balls. Bocce balls are hard and will hurt if I throw them back at you(r head).NO STEPHENIE. I DON'T SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.narrative suckagethanks for clearing that up

26th January 2011

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Tagged: thanks for clearing that upHe's pretending to do her makeup.ichiban: lipstick for men

23rd November 2010

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Tagged: If you don't specify, should I question whether or not Bella walks upright?thanks for clearing that upduh

13th October 2010

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Tagged: I swallowed water preparing to drink itDuh.Thanks for clearing that up