Before I had any right to dismiss Twihards or criticize the psychologically unhealthy relationship model that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen present, I felt obliged to read the books. So I did. All four novels, one novella, and an incomplete document in portable format. The content lived down to my expectations, but I was unprepared for how poorly crafted the saga is. Contact:

4th December 2012

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Tagged: I made a face right back!Seriously. Don't kill yourself.cliff notesdirty slip of the tongueRemember that time you were all ''Happiness. It made the whole dying thing pretty bearable''? Not good times.

2nd July 2011

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Tagged: cliff notesWe're deep into the realm of psychological fuckery.BellusionalTime flies when you're having fun; that's why it feels like more time passed.

30th June 2011

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Tagged: cliff notesCould you at least PRETEND to care about your own life?cruel stab of fictionThrow her back in!

29th June 2011

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Tagged: 'Cause suicide is painless it brings on many changes and I can take or leave it if I please.Cliff notesContentment: lungs burning legs cramping hallucinating ex-boyfriendI want that on a shirt.We're deep into the realm of psychological fuckery.happinessthe whole dying thing

29th June 2011

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Tagged: Bella learns about gravity.It's a good thing you thought this through.Cliff notes

29th June 2011

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Tagged: Yeah, well, I want to ride on a dinosaur, but I'm not gonna do it.the silver lining in her gruesome purple cloudI disapprove of your thought process.Cliff notesall the vampires walkin' through the valley

28th June 2011

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Tagged: When I'm not fair, it's because I'm busy being fun.Cliff notesJumping off a cliff is not your answer. Ever.angry velvet