Before I had any right to dismiss Twihards or criticize the psychologically unhealthy relationship model that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen present, I felt obliged to read the books. So I did. All four novels, one novella, and an incomplete document in portable format. The content lived down to my expectations, but I was unprepared for how poorly crafted the saga is. Contact:

5th February 2012

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Tagged: Giddyup!Out-of-context Eclipsebow-chicka-row-rowwAm Big: you or us?sloppy pronounsEdward would still be the dirty old man in that relationship.

21st September 2011

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Tagged: repeat repeat, beat beatevery noun does not need an adjectiveanaphor resolutionAm Big: you or us?Her echolocation skills surpass her ability to find her own lips.

23rd July 2011

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?unintended consequences of sloppy writing

28th June 2011

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Tagged: Well, clouds are weather, and they're moving according to the will of weather... so...Am Big: you or us?sloppy pronouns

4th June 2011

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?HOW BIG WAS IT?that's what she said

14th May 2011

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Tagged: ARCReduxgreasy v. colorAm Big: you or us?copy editingwritwriting

19th March 2011

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?TwitWhat?pronoun abusesuck it

27th February 2011

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?I do not think it means what you think it means.TwilightPronouns are small but mighty.

14th December 2010

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?Characters that are this vague shouldn't be doing this much.kiss kiss bang bang

14th November 2010

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Tagged: Care Bears font to cut down on the hate.Am Big: you or us?

14th November 2010

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Tagged: Just because you don't understand my post doesn't mean I don't understand the book.No You're out of orderDuh.Am Big: you or us?

14th November 2010

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Tagged: Am Big: you or us?I knew she was a two-faced bitch.

13th November 2010

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Tagged: cheating at narrationAm Big: you or us?I certainly had a lot to say about a short passage.My irritation is disproportionate.

8th November 2010

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Tagged: comma cryPunctuation Abusejoining commaspro tipAm Big: you or us?