Before I had any right to dismiss Twihards or criticize the psychologically unhealthy relationship model that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen present, I felt obliged to read the books. So I did. All four novels, one novella, and an incomplete document in portable format. The content lived down to my expectations, but I was unprepared for how poorly crafted the saga is. Contact:

28th June 2011

Question with 130 notes

Anonymous said: Obsessively nitpicking a weak writer's work doesn't make you a strong writer. Repeatedly pointing out the flaws in something doesn't make your bland personality any more interesting. Yes, Twilight is terrible, but it's really sad that this kind of useless, obsessive negativity, this absolutely unoriginal shit-talking that requires no creativity whatsoever is so much more popular than writing things of your own.

Look, I recognize the irony in sending you hate about your hating, but seriously, I think we could all take a break from patting ourselves on the back for stupid shit like this. It's not impressing anyone, it's not convincing anyone of what a genius you are. Have fun reveling in your pointless moral superiority. I sincerely hope you take time to use your talents in other ways.

See, kids… this is how you write an articulate piece of hate mail. Well-played, Anonymous. Oh, it has absolutely no impact on how I feel about what I do, but I appreciate the sentiment.


Edit to add: I (and a lot of my readers) politely disagree, Anonymous.

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